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Research Contracts

European and international contracts

- Geronimi V., Aknin A., Dalmas L., Mathieu L., Mertens D., Zugravu-Soilita N., march 2016-march 2018

Research agreement between CEMOTEV and the New Caledonian Agronomic Institute.
Based on the observation that New Caledonia’s industrialization, via nickel, questions public policies, the CAI is carrying out a research program on the "sustainability of the development trajectory of New Caledonia". This research program sheds light on the governance and public action through macroeconomic tools and aims to contribute to the debates on the development strategies of New Caledonia, via an intergenerational analysis of the economic, environmental and social implications of different macroeconomic policy options.

National contracts

- Pottier N., march 2018-march 2021 :

Financement : Agence Nationale de la Recherche ANR. Projet ReLev « Reconstruction des territoires : leviers pour anticiper les catastrophes naturelles ». Project’s reference : ANR-18-OURA-0004. For more resilience, in future societies, to extreme weather events in an island context, this project aims to lay the foundations for a transdisciplinary method of anticipation by local actors / populations in the organization of post-disaster reconstruction of their territories.
ReLev 's official website (french) :

- Pottier N., february 2016-september 2019

Financement : Agence Nationale de la Recherche ANR. Projet RGC4 « Résilience urbaine et Gestion de Crise dans un Contexte de Crue à Cinétique lente. Développement d’outils pour l’aide à la gestion des réseaux techniques critiques : application au Grand Paris ». Project’s reference : ANR-15-CE39-0015. This project made it possible to develop, for operational services (city, prefecture, private operators), a set of tools and methods for improving crisis management, promoting business continuity of urban networks and services, in the face of a major flood of the

Local contracts

- Geronimi V., 2014-2017 ; 2017-2020

CEMOTEV -Yvelines International Cooperation and Development (YCID) Convention. International cooperation projects’s evaluations, co-funded by YCID and carried out abroad, by year 1 SES and year 2 ETADD Master’s degree students from the University of Versailles-Saint Quentin en Yvelines, supervised by teachers and researchers from CEMOTEV.