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Research Areas

The research areas, for the next five-years (2020-2024 / specified in the report for the HCERES, see here) refer to the keywords of Cemotev :
  • Globalization: powers, borders, resources and actors
  • Conflicts: governance, institutions and inequalities
  • Territories: heritage, tourism and insularity
  • Vulnerabilities: sustainability, resilience and measurement challenges
2025’s Horizon and prospects :

- Development of an international multidisciplinary research center, promoting a pluralist economy, on the interconnected themes of development and environment, in the Paris-Saclay ecosystem
- Mobilization of researchers and teaching-research staff from Paris-Saclay, motivated by this approach
- Supporting transversal research at Paris-Saclay institutions, by deepening existing partnerships (ENS-IDHES, IDEST) and by expanding them
- Promotion of international university cooperation with partners from the South
- Training of young researchers from the North and the South, as part of the “Political Economy and Institutions” Master’s degree (Paris-Saclay).

Networks and projects in the North and South :

The close relations with the UMI Résiliences (IRD, Côte d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Senegal) allow the development of research projects in the South. Existing research networks (in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia ...), and participation in research projects, reinforce the logic of North- South partnerships.
Cemotev mobilizes numerous research and expertise networks and institutions in its research (IRD, GEMDEV, AFD, IAC, YCID, CASQY, FAERE, SFER, CIRAD, MSH Paris-Saclay, IDEST, etc.)