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International Conference "Vulnerability’ and ‘resilience’ in the renewed approaches to development and the environment" (VR2019)

The international conference "Vulnerability and resilience in the renewed approaches to development and the environment", takes place on November 13, 14 and 15, 2019. It was organized by Cemotev with UMI-Resiliences (IRD) and the support of IDEST, Gemdev, from the UFR, the SHS department and the MSH Paris-Saclay.
The conference brought together more than fifty contributions, from colleagues from Europe, but especially from Africa and from several universities and research institutions (UCAD, CIRES, CEMOI, CIRAD, INRA, ...).
The conference was a real success, thanks to the involvement of Cemotev's members, and feeds our reflections on the research themes of the future joint Cemotev / UMI-Résiliences unit.