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Kouki I., Abid I., Guesmi K. et Goutte S. (CEMOTEV), "Does Financial inclusion affect the African banking stability ?", Economics Bulletin, Vol. 40, Issue 1, pp. 863-879, Mars 2020

le 25 mars 2020

Published : 25 Mars 2020

Authors : Imen Kouki, Ilyes Abid, Khaled Guesmi and Stephane Goutte (CEMOTEV)
Article : "Does Financial inclusion affect the African banking stability ?"
In : Economics Bulletin
Volume 40, Issue 1
Pages 863-879
Date : 25 Mars 2020


"This paper offers an empirical investigation on the channels through which financial inclusion may influence the soundness of African banks. Using the dynamic panel approach, we construct a composite index of financial inclusion for 38 African countries over the period 2005 to 2014, and then investigate if the financial inclusion could influence directly or through the competition the banking stability. Our results indicate a strong relation between financial inclusion, and banking stability. In addition, the result suggests that the policy makers face tradeoffs between financial inclusion and bank competition to improve the financial stability."

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