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I.Damiani, 2015, "Les conflits frontaliers de la vallée du Ferghana", Border Disputes A Global Encyclopedia.

Auteurs: Isabella Damiani (CEMOTEV)
Article : " Les conflits frontaliers de la vallée du Ferghana"
Revue : Border Disputes A Global Encyclopedia
by Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, Editor
date : July 2015
pages : 1218

le 1 juillet 2015

Juillet 2015

Informations complémentaires
Intended for high school students and undergraduates studying current events, geopolitics, and political science, this three-volume set provides broad coverage of approximately 80 current international border disputes and conflicts.

Border disputes are a common source of political instability and military conflict around the globe, both in the present day and throughout history. Border Disputes: A Global Encyclopedia will serve as an invaluable resource for students studying social studies, political science, human geography, or related subjects.

Each volume of this expansive encyclopedia begins with an accessible introduction to the type of dispute to be discussed, identifying the conflict as territorial (Volume 1), positional (Volume 2), or functional (Volume 3). Following the background essay in each volume are comprehensive case study entries on specific international conflicts, examining the disputed area, the reasons for the dispute, and cultural, political, historical, and legal issues relating to the dispute. The third volume will also provide primary documents of legal rulings and important resolutions of various disputes, as well as profiles of key organizations relating to border studies and specific border dispute commissions.

* Supplies introductory essays at the beginning of each volume that explain the type of dispute to be examined, providing students with a solid foundation as they examine the case study entries
* Includes excerpts and full text of important primary source documents such as key court rulings and treaties resolving border disputes
* Supports the national geography standards curriculum for high school students as well as the Advanced Placement (AP) human geography topics
* Provides a glossary of key terms and concepts, numerous maps, and a bibliography of sources of further information

Source: www.abc-clio.com/ABC-CLIOCorporate/product.aspx