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Directed by Vincent Geronimi, professor of economics, Cemotev is currently composed of:
- 21 teaching-research staff and Teachers
- 2 BIATSS, a research engineer and an assistant engineer
- 7 PhD students
- 15 Associate researchers

Cemotev’s Governance structure :

- The management team is composed of the director (Vincent Geronimi), an economist (Jean Cartier-Bresson) and a geographer (Nathalie Pottier) as deputy directors, as well as the head of scientific administration (Jessy Tsang )
- The laboratory’s council (management, teacher-researchers, a representative of doctoral students)
- Expanded council (laboratory’s council + BIATSS + teaching-research partners)
- Annual GA (with all doctoral students and partners)
- 10 to 12 Cemotev’s seminars per year (on Thursdays)
- The availability of the management team every Thursday