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Cemotev's seminars

Cemotev organizes different seminars, which take place on Thursday, from 10am to noon :
  • General seminar: Cemotev's members and outside researchers present their research work there; the sessions are prepared by sending a text to the participants to feed the discussion after the presentation of the speaker. 
  • Specialty seminars : more targeted on a specific theme and / or methodology.
  • Workshops organized by doctoral / PhD students: under the responsibility of their research director, they present an article which reflects the progress of their research and which is then commented on by a rapporteur.
Thursday can also be devoted to one-day workshops on "cross-cutting" themes and / or of common interest.

Seminar's coordination is ensured by Dalila Messaoudi and Natalia Zugravu.

Provisionnal planning 2020

Seminar's calendar March 2020 (Forthcoming)

Provisionnal planning 2019