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Presentation of the CEMOTEV

Centre for study of Globalisation, Conflicts, Territories and Vulnerabilities

The Centre d’études sur la mondialisation, les conflits, les territoires et les vulnérabilités (Centre for Study of Globalisation, Conflicts, Territories and Vulnerabilities) was founded in 2010 (EA 4457 UVSQ).

The team is currently directed by Vincent Geronimi (Director), Jean Cartier-Bresson and Nathalie Pottier (Deputy Directors) and Jessy Tsang (research engineer, responsible for scientific administration). The CEMOTEV includes twenty – one teaching-research staff in the fields of economics and geography, seven doctorate (PhD) students, a research engineer and an administrative and financial manager who contributes to the website.

Cemotev is a multidisciplinary laboratory (economics and geography) which occupies a complementary and original position within the Paris-Saclay university cluster, by its focus on multidimensional studies of development, environment and sustainable development, and the practice of pluralistic economy.
Cemotev’s research works mobilize a broad disciplinary knowledge of both economics and geography, as well as their associated tools in a sustained dialogue within the economic discipline as much as with other social sciences. The research works, carried out in teams and in partnership, are part of an approach in terms of political economy of development and the environment, taking into account regional and international contexts, actors and dynamics on varying geographic scales.
Cemotev is recognized nationally and internationally for its research works and expertise, carried out in team and in partnerships, particularly on the topics of insularity, heritage and sustainability.

Links between research and training :

The links between training and research are developed through the Master’s programm "Political Economy and Institutions" (PEI) of Paris-Saclay, as an extension of the Master’s degree in Economic and Social Sciences at the UVSQ, and its five postgraduate courses, developed by the UFR of Social Sciences and the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) Paris-Saclay:
  • EEDS (ex-ETADD) « Economie et Evaluation du Développement et de la Soutenabilité » (Economy and Evaluation of Development and Sustainability)
  • VT2PE (ex - IPTE) « Valorisation touristique des patrimoines et préservation de l'environnement », (Tourism enhancement of heritage and preservation of the environment)
  • ACTION « ACTivités sportives, Institutions et Organisations en lien avec la Nature », (sports ACTivities, Institutions and Organizations linked to Nature)
  • STRIT ( ex- ISRTT) « Sécurité des Transports et de leurs Réseaux, Institutions et Territoires » (Security of Transport and their Networks, Institutions and Territories)
  • EOS « Economie, organisations et société », (Economy, organizations and society)
Doctoral training is provided at the SHS Paris Saclay Doctoral School, Economics - Management division and Social Sciences and Humanities division.

Cemotev is also involved in Master's courses in Paris Saclay, IEP Saint Germain, Sciences Po Paris.
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