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Cemotev's seminars

Cemotev organizes different seminars, which take place on Thursday, from 10am to noon :
  • General seminar: Cemotev's members and outside researchers present their research work there; the sessions are prepared by sending a text to the participants to feed the discussion after the presentation of the speaker. 
  • Specialty seminars : more targeted on a specific theme and / or methodology.
  • Workshops organized by doctoral / PhD students: under the responsibility of their research director, they present an article which reflects the progress of their research and which is then commented on by a rapporteur.
Thursday can also be devoted to one-day workshops on "cross-cutting" themes and / or of common interest.

Seminar's coordination is ensured by Dalila Messaoudi and Natalia Zugravu.

Provisionnal planning 2020

Seminar's calendar March 2020 (Forthcoming)

Provisionnal planning 2019

The last seminars

Séminaire du CEMOTEV du 15 octobre 2020, intervention de Michaël Goujon (CERDI, Université Clermont-Auvergne)

October 15, 2020

Séminaire du CEMOTEV du 08 octobre 2020, intervention de Joseph Keneck Massil (CEMOTEV)

October 8, 2020

Séminaire du CEMOTEV du 03 octobre 2019, intervention de Lise Bourdeau-Lepage

October 3, 2019

Séminaire du CEMOTEV du 26 septembre 2019, intervention de Michaël Goujon (CERDI, Université Auvergne)

September 26, 2019

Séminaire du CEMOTEV du 04 avril 2019, intervention de Mateo Cordier (CEARC/UVSQ)

April 4, 2019