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Welcome to CEMOTEV

Last International Conference

  • FAERE Winter Meeting 2017 
    30 novembre 2017 - 1 décembre 2017

    The 8th FAERE thematic worshop, whose topic is “Economics, Environment and Health”, will be held in Paris (ENS Cachan) on November 30th and December 1st. It is jointly organized by CEMOTEV Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, MSH Paris-Saclay, Université d’Evry and INRA Paris-Grignon

Presentation of the CEMOTEV

The Centre d’études sur la mondialisation, les conflits, les territoires et les vulnérabilités (Centre for Study on Globalisation, Conflicts, Territories and Vulnerabilities) was founded in 2010 (EA 4457 UVSQ).

The team is currently directed by Jean Cartier-Bresson (Director), Vincent Geronimi and  Frédéric Leriche (Deputy Directors). The CEMOTEV comprises twenty teaching-research staff in the fields of economics and geography, thirty doctorate students, a research engineer, a study engineer and an administrative and financial manager who contributes to the website.

The core research areas  include: conflicts, the environment, development, vulnerabilities and globalisation.

The aim is to consolidate research activities in terms of the diversity and complexity of decision-making scopes, in particular those relating to globalisation and sustainable development. The Cemotev focuses on:
the dimensions of temporalities, path dependencies and irreversibilities which shed light on hidden vulnerabilities;
the territorial dimensions of economic and social processes introduced by globalisation, environmental and development questions, the new interactions between different scopes (global, continental, national and local) they create and the conflicts generated.

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